mission shaped intro

Rediscover mission and re-imagine church

Our world and our lives change at an ever faster pace, but how does the church respond to this change? Are new ways of being church possible? If so, what might they look like?

mission shaped intro (msi) helps people to reconnect with the communities they are called to serve and to re-imagine the forms of church that are needed for the 21st century. It takes you on a creative and reflective journey looking at the need for new ways of being church.

There are two variations of msi and both versions include creative activities, film clips, presentations, discussion, worship and prayer. Either version is ideal for those starting from scratch as well as those who have attended a vision day or who are thinking about joining the mission shaped ministry course.

You can download both sets of materials for FREE once you’ve filled out the fx resourcing registration form.

In addition, msi original is available to purchase as course notes and DVD and participant workbooks.

msi original offers six 90 or 120 minutes sessions exploring:

  1. rediscovering mission: the mission of God as the foundation for any expression of church;
  2. changing world, changing church: how the church might respond to a world of change and uncertainty;
  3. re-imagining church – community: the need for fresh expressions of church to develop authentic community in a world shaped by consumerism and individualism;
  4. re-imagining church – worship: how fresh expressions of church are re-imagining worship;
  5. discipleship and leadership: how to enable healthy discipleship and leadership within fresh expressions of church;
  6. where do we go from here?: to provide space for you to consider your response to the course and offer options to what you might do next.

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msi2 incorporates much of the msi original material in five 90 minute sessions which explore:

  1. Church and culture – have they become disconnected?
  2. Mission and church – including a look at ‘what is church?’ and ‘what is mission?’
  3. Church and Community – thinking about our church community as well as the community outside our doors and networks.
  4. Offering a mixed economy – being a missional church
  5. Where next? – Dreaming BIG, where is God calling us now?

(Optional module) Worship – what do we mean by ‘worship’ and a practical workshop with prayer stations

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Why did we introduce a second version of mission shaped intro, when the first one is still successful?

The Fresh Expressions Team adopts a programme of continuous feedback and research, to ensure that courses and information are always up to date. msi has been regularly refreshed and updated, however, it recently became clear that an alternative version is needed.

msi2 is the result of considerable research. This is the slightly slimmed-down course, which is easy to pick up and, although you will need to prepare for each session, you don’t need to be an experienced trainer if you’re asked to take the lead.

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