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God for All Cumbria have developed two guides to help those wanting to use the godsend app with a group of people – maybe in a locality, or around a common interest, to help explore, grow and develop new Fresh Expressions.

The app is not a ‘how to’ guide but rather will help you think through growing and developing new Christian Communities.

A screenshot of the godsend app

Where to find the app

On your mobile phone or tablet download the ‘godsend’ app from the app store or Google Play – it’s free! When downloaded click on the app to open it. Once you’ve opened the app there is a short introductory video to watch then you’ll need to sign yourself in as a New User and you’ll be ready to go.

How to use this app with a group

Ask the group to download the app (see above) and have an explore.

There are then several options for how to use these resources:

1. Start with the OVERVIEW booklet and worksheets exploring the OVERVIEW section of the app then move onto the TOPIC booklet.

2. Individuals work through the OVERVIEW worksheets at their own pace then meet as a group to do the TOPIC booklet.

3. Jump straight into the TOPIC booklet by-passing the OVERVIEW

When using the guides we recommend you read through the topic in advance on the app. Every topic has an ‘Action’ section and you will need to decide which bits you want to do with your group as applicable. If it’s a big topic you may choose to split it out over a number of weeks.

If reading the guides online there is a contents page with hyperlinks so that you can jump straight to the page you want. You can also print the guides if you wish – either in colour or black and white.

On a practical note, each week you will watch videos together which you can do either individually or as a group – if doing as a group you may want to use speakers so that everyone can hear.

You don’t need any special equipment (apart from your phone/tablet and speakers if applicable) but where supplies are needed these are clearly indicated in the guides.

We hope that you find this a useful resource – and we are grateful to the God For All team for letting us share it with you here. If you would like any further information about God For All or Fresh Expressions in Cumbria please email

Below are the booklets and worksheets to use with groups.

How to use the Godsend App

Leaders Booklet & Individual Worksheets for the OVERVIEW Section

Below is a downloadable leaders booklet and worksheets relating to the ‘Overview’ section on the godsend App. The worksheets are to be used by individuals as they prepare to work together as a group.

Overview worksheets – It is recommended that these are printed off to be completed.

Leaders Booklet covering TOPICS – Listen, Love, Community, Share Jesus, Church, Repeat

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