Prayers of adoration for medium-sized gatherings

1. Reflective DVDs and music

Using reflective instrumental music, lead prayers of adoration from one of the many anthologies and books of prayers which are appropriate for your group and season of the year.

Great examples of images and music already combined are:

Just Worship 1 DVD

This is Volume 1 in a series of DVDs of excellent worship resources for use with your group – perfect for background video for songs, or as general material for a larger group to watch.

The DVD is split into five sections:

  • Bible clips
  • Rob Lacey – the Street Bible clips
  • Prayers
  • Poems and reflections
  • Images for worship

With over 30 film clips, totalling over one hour, Just Worship is an ideal resource for those churches who are using video projectors.

Just Worship 3 Celtic Prayer DVD (two samples to view: Believe and Trinity based on Celtic spirituality).

This is Volume 3 in a series of DVDs of excellent worship resources, with music from the Northumbria Community, Dave Fitzgerald and the Celtic tradition. It features prayers, meditations and reflections, free screensavers from Lindisfarne Scriptorium and PowerPoint compatible video files (that could also act as background videos for your own prayers or songs).

Also included is artist Mary Fleeson from the Lindisfarne Scriptorium sharing her thoughts on prayer and how prayer shapes her work, Ray Simpson of the International Community of Aidan and Hilda sharing his thoughts on Celtic spirituality and Canon Kate Tristram providing insights from the first Irish monks who evangelised Northern England from Lindisfarne. With approximately 55 minutes of film clips, Just Worship is an ideal resource for those churches who are using video projectors.

2. Party popping prayers

It’s not only youth who can have a good time! It’s good to be able to give thanks and celebrate God and one another, so why not play some appropriate uptempo party music and get excited about God?

Give each person a party popper (after safety reminders, etc) and go round the group giving thanks to God or praising him. Then, either each individual fires their party popper at the end of their own prayer, or go round the whole group praying, then let off all the party poppers together at the end with one great big ‘Amen!’



3. Pass the parcel with the Psalms

You will need: a prize, newspaper, sticky tape, pre-printed stickers, CD player.

Create a multi-layered ‘parcel’ with a prize in the centre that people will enjoy together (eg, a large pack of Maltesers or some nice pens). Instead of forfeits or a joke for each layer, include some verses of praise and adoration from the psalms. So, when the music stops, the person removes the next wrapper and finds a verse from a psalm, which you have put into the plural – eg:

We praise you because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, we know that full well.
Psalm 139.14

We will sing of the Lord’s great love for ever; with our mouths we will make your faithfulness known through all generations.
Psalm 89.1


Don’t forget to have some good uptempo music – preferably from the charts – that’s suitable, uplifting and appropriate. If nothing is suitable, a good example would be ‘Celebration’ by Kool & the Gang. Make sure the parcel is big enough to get round the whole room so as many people as possible get ‘a turn’.

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