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We want to help you buy giving you an easy way to find books that will be helpful to you on your fresh expression journey. You’ll find some of the books recommended below available directly from us through our shop, but there are many more useful titles than we are able to hold in stock. 

The fx movement library is a growing collection of books written, reviewed or recommended by practitioners from across the fx movement.

Below you’ll find visual recommended reading lists for each of the modules in the mission shaped ministry course. If you click on the links and make a purchase you’ll be helping fresh expressions as we get a small commission for each book you buy.

The books are gathered together by module and you can browse them here:

A01 – Introduction to the Course

A02 – Mission Context and the Mixed Economy

A03 – The Mission of God

A04 – Vision and Call

A05 – Missional Values

A06 – Starting Something New

A07 – Listening for Mission

A08 – What is Church

A09 – Gospel and Culure

A10 – Reflecting Back and Sending Out

B01 – Team Roles and Behaviour

B02 – Leadership Matters

B03 – Spirituality for Mission

B04 – Discipleship

B05 – Prayer for Mission

B07/B08/B09 Evangelism Strategies

B10 Personal Evangelism

C01 Worship and the Sacraments

C02 Lessons from Weaknesses

C03 Ongoing Learning and Support

C04 Small Group Church

C05 Global:Local

C06 Engaging with Your Community

C07 Handling Opposition, Setbacks and Failure

C08 Strategic Finance for Mission

C09 Healthy Relationships: Quality Community

C10 Growing a Fresh Expression to Maturity

D01 Children and All Age

D02 Fresh Expressions and Youth

D03 Fresh Expressions and Young Adults

D04 Rural Fresh Expressions

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